This is what gone looks like

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It looks like a normal enough house from the outside. Maybe a little big when compared to other properties in its Far North Dallas neighborhood. It gets stranger the farther you scroll down the listingwhich this week caught the attention of Zillow Gone Wild, an Instagram chronicling eye-popping real estate listings around the country.

Zero beds, one bath. Square feet: 5, You look at the photos of the interior—of large fluorescent-lit spaces that call to mind dull corporate offices, chemical laboratories, and county jails—and only feel more confused. What exactly is this facility doing here, looking from the outside like every other generic two-story house in suburban Dallas? A post shared by Zillow Gone Wild zillowgonewild. A property unlike any other!

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With walls, flooring, and ceiling made of concrete, this property can serve as the perfect storage spot for large wine collections, art collections, multiple cars, as well as serving as the ultimate safe house. The building is connected to two electrical grids and also features a natural gas generator that has is powered by two diesel fuel tanks in the event of a natural gas failure, making the chance of power loss a very rare. With office space as well as warehouse space and large outdoor area, there are many ways this property can be utilized.

This facility was built as a potential network site by a company we acquired. It was never used and was sold years ago.

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So what is up with this bizarre compound in a residential neighborhood? Our hyper-connected world and all our information technology requires physical infrastructure.

What Gone Looks Like Volume IV (Official Video)

Data centers and servers and hardware have to go somewhere. If for whatever reason they have to go in a residential neighborhood, might as well disguise the facility as a house. And if you are a supervillain looking for a new lair in a hot market, you could do worse than this. Browse all newsletters here. View this post on Instagram.

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This is what gone looks like

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