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Everyone involved in U. Some workers are charged with taking the children away from their parents and sending them into the care of Health and Human Services. Some are contracted to find housing for the children and get them food.

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Some volunteers try to help the kids navigate the system. Some, like Anne Chandler, assist the parents.

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We asked her to talk with us about what she has been hearing in recent weeks. The majority of those are free to return to the home country. Vast majority. But 90 percent of those who are being convicted are having their children separated from them. Those parents are finding themselves in adult detention centers and in a process known as expedited removal, where many are being deported.

And their children, on the other hand, are put in a completely different legal structure. They are categorized as unaccompanied children and thus are being put in place in a federal agency not with the Department of Homeland Security but with Health and Human Services. Meanwhile, these parents are just kind of languishing in these detention centers because of the zero-tolerance policy.

They come in. And bed space. And those cases take two, three, four, five, six months. That is, you have made the choice to bring your child over illegally. AC: Very few people come to the bridge. Border Patrol is saying the bridge is closed. When I was last out in McAllen, people were stacked on the bridge, sleeping there for three, four, ten nights.

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Statutes which codified the right of asylum seekers to ask for asylum. Article 31 of the Refugee Convention clearly says that it is improper for any state to use criminal laws that could deter asylum seekers as long as that asylum seeker is asking for asylum within a reasonable amount of time. There are organizations like Al Otro Lado that document border turn-backs. AC: I talked to a lot of people who were there Saturdays and Sundays, a lot of church groups that are going, bringing those individuals umbrellas because they were in the sun.

What did they do with them? Did they process them all?

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When I was in McAllen, the individuals that day who visited people on the bridge had been there four days. AC: Every border zone is different. We definitely saw a pattern in McAllen. We talked to about 63 parents who had lost their children that day in the court.

Of those, the children seemed to be all five and older. What we know from the shelters and working with people is that, yes, there are kids that are very young, that are breastfeeding babies and under three in the shelters, separated from their parents. One could argue that this was the original policy that we started seeing in the executive orders. And so we saw about six hundred children who were taken away from October to May, then we saw an explosion of the s in May. It ramped up. The Office of Refugee Resettlement taking in all these kids says that they are our children, that they are unaccompanied.

AC: There is no one process. In other cases, we see no communication that the parent knows that their child is to be taken away. Can I hold him for a few minutes? So the father just let the child go. We spoke to nine parents on this Monday, which was the 11th, and these were adults in detention centers outside of Houston. They had been separated from their child between May 23 and May 25, and as of June 11, not one of them had been able to talk to their child or knew a phone that functioned from the detention center director.

None of them had direct information from immigration on where their child was located. The one they were given by some government official from the Department of Homeland Security was a. We know there are more parents who are being deported without their child, without any process or information on how to get their child back. AC: The child is going through deportation proceedings, so the likelihood that that child is going to be deported is pretty high.

AC: How does that child navigate their deportation case without their parent around? These kids and parents had no idea. None of the parents I talked to were expecting to be separated as they faced the process of asking for asylum. They also give the parents an alien and probably have that information. The issue is that the Department of Homeland Security is not the one caring for the children. Jurisdiction of that child has moved over to Health and Human Services, and the Health and Human Services Seeking sub for long edging sessions has to figure out, where is this parent?

Sometimes the parents are deported. Talk about a mess. And nobody has a right to an attorney here. Some find that, because there are programs. TM: What agency is in charge of physically separating the children and the adults? We saw the separation take place while they were in the care and custody of Customs and Border Protection. We know there are eight, soon to be nine, facilities in Houston. This is a cyclical time, where rates of migration increase. One is your traditional unaccompanied kids who are just coming because their life is at risk right now in El Salvador and Honduras and parts of Guatemala, and they come with incredible trauma, complex stories, and need a lot of resources, and so they navigate this immigration system.

I dealt with one father who knew that siblings were not at the same location from talking to his family member. But I have no idea. TM: Is there another nonprofit similar to yours that handles kids more than adults? AC: Yes. We know in Houston they [the Office of Refugee Resettlement] Seeking sub for long edging sessions going to open up shelters specific for the tender-age kids, which is defined as kids under twelve.

And that facility is also going to have some traditional demographic of pregnant teenagers. Kids usually do not migrate on their own at that age. AC: Teens. Population is thirteen to seventeen, with many more fifteen- sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds than thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds. You know, the journey is very dangerous. ORR does not hold the shelters directly. AC: It used to be, on average, thirty days. There are many reasons for that: one, these facilities and ORR are not used to working with this demographic of young children.

And then DHS will follow them home? AC: No. TM: And then I guess they start all over again trying to find a home for those kids? TM: What is explained to the kids about the proceedings, and who explains it to them? AC: The Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement goes through an organization called the Vera Institute of Justice that then contracts with nonprofit organizations who hire attorneys and other specialized bilingual staff to go into these shelters and give what they call legal orientation programs for children, and they do group orientation.

AC: Or three or four. TM: Are the kids whose parents are applying for asylum processed differently from kids whose parents are not applying for asylum? And has to go far below anything we, as a civil society of law, should find acceptable. The fact that I, as an attorney specializing in this area, cannot go to a detention center and tell a mother or father what the legal procedure is for them to get their child or to reunite with their child, even if they want to go home?

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Seeking sub for long edging sessions

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