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See how your sentence looks with different synonyms. Certainone of a handful of adjectives indicating full belief and trust that something is true, suggests that there are definite reasons that have freed one from doubt. Confident emphasizes the strength of the belief or the certainty of expectation felt.

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Positive implies emphatic certainty, which may even become overconfidence or dogmatism. Surethe simplest and most general term, expresses mere absence of doubt.

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Meet Grammar Coach. What are other ways to say certain?

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How to use certain in a sentence. There are certain people you meet, and right away you can tell they have a good heart. To that end, NBCU will effectively tailor the measurement program to take into non-advertising factors specific to certain types of advertisers.

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Initially, the task force focused almost entirely on trying to keep the virus out of the country, rather than preparing for an all-but- certain outbreak in the United States, these people said. Voters in Wisconsin are closely following the election, and 9 in 10 say they are certain to vote in November.

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Sometimes the biggest reason the stock market or certain stocks experience a severe decline in price is because they first experienced a massive rise in price. On certain of the stems the fertile cone appears and the spores are ripened about June, after which the process withers.

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Choose the synonym for future. OK'd accepted affirmed allowed authorized backed certain chosen endorsed legalized made official passed permitted proven ratified recognized sanctioned supported validated vouched for.

Looking for certain one

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