Lonely in a crowded place

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in. An open letter to myself. So I feel lonely. Scratch that…. They never said that a life committing to following your passion would be a lonely one.

Loneliness is a crowded place

Only fulfilling, exciting, purposeful. Newsflash: it has been, but only some of the time. It feels like no matter how many times anyone tries to understand, that no-one can empathise with my challenges, or struggles of dreams not eventuating, or a battle with giving up on a project. Moments where I feel connected. When I meet people who harbour similar dreams, visions — ones that they feel their friends, or family might struggle to understand too.

Conversations where I can talk about the inner-workings of my projects, and the other person is not only listening, but interested and excited about the process and the detail. That things like my self-talk play a major role in me not feeling understood. Where my expectations of myself while pulling me towards my goals, on the way teach me harsh lessons on patience, disappointment and bad leadership. Or maybe this is just a part of the journey, and rather than looking to try and change it, I should accept it.

And for all I know the very idea of accepting it, might just mean that it simply floats away, who knows…. Either way, thanks for sitting down and ing me for this cuppa tea…. So whomever you are, thank you — thank you for being a part of my acceptance, not my resistance to myself. Get started. Open in app. Kiran Patel.

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Lonely in a crowded place

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