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Panic attacks can be one of the scariest experiences to go through. The attacks can range from a sudden surge of fear that only lasts a few minutes to heart palpitations and shortness of breath that mimic a heart attack. If you are experiencing panic attacks, you may have a type of anxiety disorder called panic disorder. It is estimated that almost 5 percent of American adults will experience panic disorder at some point in their lives. The good news is that there are steps you can take to help lessen the severity of the attacks. Plus, the long-term treatments available for managing anxiety and panic attacks are promising.

Symptoms of a panic attack can vary from person to person and even from attack to attack. Most panic attacks last less than 30 minutes — with the average lasting around 10 minutes — although some of the symptoms may last a lot longer. During this time, you may experience a need to flee until the attack is over. Although the average length of a panic attack may not seem like a long time, for the person experiencing a full-blown attack, it can feel like an eternity. When you are in a full-blown panic attack, it can be challenging to stop it.

Viciere says the reason why it feels so difficult is that the physical symptoms actually cause you to panic even more. If you have ruled out other medical diagnoses, and your doctor has confirmed that you are having panic attacks, Viciere says to try and be intentional in telling yourself that you are going to be okay. When you are experiencing a I want some real bad attack, she suggests you work on slowing down your breaths.

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You can do this by counting backward and taking slow, deep breaths. During the attack, your breaths will feel shallow, and it may feel like you are running out of air. In addition to breathing exercises, you can also practice relaxation techniques.

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Focusing as much energy as possible on getting your body to relax is essential. Some people find success by regularly practicing yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises when they are not having a panic attack. This helps them access these techniques more quickly during an attack.

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There are many ways to treat panic disorder and panic attacks including CBT psychotherapyexposure therapy, and medications. Your therapist will also work with you to develop strategies that help decrease the severity of the symptoms.

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One psychotherapy technique that has been proven successful in treating panic disorder and attacks is CBT. This form of therapy emphasizes the important role that thinking has in how we feel and what we do. CBT teaches you new ways of thinking, acting, and reacting to situations that cause anxiety.

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It also teaches you how to view panic attacks differently and demonstrates ways to reduce anxiety. Plus, you can learn how to change unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that bring on panic attacks. Even though panic attacks can feel like a heart attack or other serious condition, it will not cause you to die.

However, panic attacks are serious and need to be treated. An invisible illness can change how I act around friends. Millions of people around the world experience anxiety or have an anxiety disorder. For some, it's so crippling it makes it impossible to go to work…. Sometimes there's a connection between tinnitus and anxiety. Find out more about this connection, other causes, and possible treatments. There are several types of anxiety disorders. We explore anxiety disorders, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and more. Rebound anxiety happens when your symptoms return with even more intensity after stopping a medication.

Here's why it happens and how it's treated. Looking for a job, but worried your social anxiety might limit you? No need to fret, you've got plenty of options. Health Conditions Discover Plan Connect. Mental Health. Can Anxiety Kill You? Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph. What are the symptoms of a panic attack? What can you do during a panic attack to make it stop? What are some of the long-term treatments?

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Read this next. How I Recovered from Crippling Anxiety. Medically reviewed by Kendra Kubala, PsyD. What Are the Types of Anxiety Disorders? Medically reviewed by Vara Saripalli, Psy. Understanding and Coping with Rebound Anxiety Rebound anxiety happens when your symptoms return with even more intensity after stopping a medication.

I want some real bad

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