I admit my fetish

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When Is a Sexual Fetish Unhealthy?

By definition, a fetish is a sexual attraction to an inanimate object or material, says Patti BrittonPh. A study published in the Journal of Sex Research asked over 1, people about their wildest sexual fantasies and found one in three acted on their unusual sex interests at least once.

So what might have been considered extreme 10 years ago isn't today. But if the fetish doesn't freak you or your partner out, then have at it, says Britton. Gauge the Intensity of His Fetish Think about fetishes or paraphiliathe scientific name for unusual sexual behaviors, in terms of where they lie on a spectrum.

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You might not find his obsession with your feet a turn-on, but maybe you are intrigued by the idea of pleasing him or connecting with him on an emotional level, says Britton. Safety first! Framing up the fetish as part of a big-picture attraction will help you feel more respected as a woman and not just as a chick with 10 toes and killer heels. If you try to bury it and he turns to porn or other women to feel satisfied, eventually the fetish will resurface in ways that are destructive to your relationship, says Britton.

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