Hookah and convo

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Share More sharing options Followers 0. Recommended Posts. Posted October 18, Has anyone else ever noticed that when you are smoking shisha with some friends or even random people, that the craziest or most random topics come up for discussion? I sure have! My list of best discussions have been: - Fetishes 11 of us were there, mix of guys and gals It was Hawt! Sealab reference - Truth or Dare.

Ok, your turn! Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options OPR Posted October 18, We usually just talk about people we know, and make jokes about shit theyve done and whatever. One time we all had our phones out and were comparing them and playin with each others and stuff yes that does sound dirty.

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Sometimes we'll discuss events or other shit thats happened, and just whatever. PersianPride Posted October 18, The topic of women seems to come up a lot in our sessions namely why they some damn frickin hard to understand. Overall I don't notice crazy topics coming up but some of the most interesting and meaningful conversations I have had has been in 2 person hookah sessions. Something about the fact that you can stop the entire conversation and articulate your words while you inhale makes the conversations somewhat more ificant.

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We talk about absolutely anything and everything that somes up. Well talk about movies the switch to religion to science to Hookah and convo to animals weird to women to music to people we know etc. We just talk. I think that's really what everyone does. I don't really think that crazy conversations come up just from smoking hookah, but the hookah is a great way to get people around to talk.

HAHkoo Posted October 18, EvansLight Posted October 18, Joseph Posted October 18, My roommate and I talked about religion and philosophy. HookahDuck Posted October 18, Donkeema Posted October 18, Hot teachers Religion, worldviews, philosophy, mentalities, firearms, martial arts, video games, technology, gossip amongst friends wrong, but it happensetc.

Posted October 19, Hookahmania Posted October 19, What I talk about is like the wind, I don"t Know where it came from, and I don't know where it's going. Thadeus Posted October 19, We usually talk about girl problems, religion, philosphy, politics. Things of that nature. Macho Posted October 19, Honestly, for the most part I smoke alone at night, so most of the conversations that I've on the Hookah Chat. My favorites so far on religion and culinary. Caramellanne Posted October 19, I think we had about 10 people or so at the hookah bar one night this was before I owned my own and we played something similar to "20 Questions" to get to know eachother quicker Asking eachother questions in one big circle But yes, I agree Sonthert Posted October 24, Posted October 24, We sit and smoke in complete silence.

Everything gets discussed at one time or another Hookahmania Posted October 24, King Mo Posted October 24, The shisha within my friends social circle is as natural as a can of coke or a Hookah and convo of coffee in front of you whilst chatting.

Hookah Etiquette - Hookah (Shisha) Smoking Etiquette (1 /4)

If the flavour was exceptionally bad, or the taste became harsh, then there'll be comments related to that. A shisha is not an intoxicant.

Hookah \u0026 Chat: 2020 VS 2021 *Get's Spicy*

I am not sure why you would talk any differently? Chip Posted October 24, Register a new. in Already have an ? In Now. Go to topic listing. In Up.

Hookah and convo

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