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Walking into the club you get this theater vibe to it. The chairs are arraigned almost in a semi concentric fashion. If you decide to get a lap dance you have the option of a couch or a chair; both are good but what I don't like is that A The dancer will ask for the payment up front thereby taking away any incentive to put any effort into the dance and B The dancer as to not waste any time will start in the middle of a song where ever you walked in on and presumably end in the "middle" of the following song. So this means that you are now relying on her ability to perceive the appropriate time laps.

Clearly they must have an internal chronometer cause I sure can't accurately keep track of time by myself let alone while multitasking.

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There is a VIP room offered but most dancers won't take their tops off for that so you have to ask yourself what's the point. This was my first ever visit to a strip club, so I will try and provide relevant information in spite of my lack of experience.

STRIPPER VLOG \u0026 MONEY COUNT: Weekends as a Stripper in Utah

I came to SLC alone this past summer for an event, and needed something to do in the evening. I read some reviews and decided on American Bush, which was fairly close to my hotel. I arrived in the evening around pm on a Saturday night. Was expecting it to be busy, but there were only about 4 or 5 other people in the club. Bar but no alcohol in the back right, and a small lap dance area in a corner near the entrance.

Seemed clean enough. After each set of 2 or 3 songs, the girl gets off stage and walks through the audience to collect a dollar from each person in the club, in exchange for a kiss on the cheek. A few girls came up to me and started chatting.

There were a ton of girls yet so few customers. Real relaxed friendly vibe, nice chats about life and whatnot, not just right to the lap dance sell.

Iggy Azalea - Iam The Stripclub [Official Music Video]

Were cool when I did American Bush is in a light industrial area of Salt Lake and is easy enough to find across the street from a tire shop. There is very little enough traffic in the area after dark and seems safe. Parking in front of the club is limited but you should be able to find something close by.

This is a juice bar so no booze but there is a selection of soft drinks, energy drinks, and fake beer available. There are a lot of pool tables inside if you need something to do while you are there.

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Of course you could watch the girls on the stage. They were doing three song sets, getting topless pasties by the last song. Afterward, the girls do a tip walk around the room. There were about a dozen dancers working the night I was there. A decent mix of tall brunettes, a couple of blond spinners, and one AA girl. Not much pressure to by dances.

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Most girls didn't approach customers so you may need to chase down the one you want or hit her up when she comes by on the tip walk. Single lap dances are available on some couches around the club but only one way contact is allowed. Dances in the back is you best option.

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There is a door that closes, a couch and a computer that the girls use to cue With that said, American Bush is by far the best, and I wouldn't bother visiting the others again. All the women there were attractive, and the dancing on stage was entertaining, if you have a lot of money to throw at them while they're on stage they'll put themselves right in your face in a way that I haven't seen before. When they're not dancing they would mingle and chat, with the customers, I didn't do much of that, but they all seemed very friendly.

But by far the most enjoyable part is the lap dances. I was approached several times over the course of the evening if I would like to buy one, and even when I declined they were polite. The go to reaction seemed to be mock disappointment, I'm sure they don't really care, but that's far more pleasant to deal with than a lot of alternatives.

And when I said yes to a dance, they were amazing. All of them put a lot of effort into their performance, and if you're not an ass, I think you can expect to be treated very well. I guess this is obvious, but I definitely recommend getting them from a It has been over a year since I last visited The American Bush. I thought I would see if anything had changed. I arrived at the Bush at about Entering the lounge, the first impression is damn it's dark in here. Finally my eyes adjusted and I went to the bar to get an energy drink no liquor allowed and found a place to sit.

There were about 5 guys in the lounge, mostly sitting around the edges and in the back. The atmosphere isn't too bad The DJ announces the dancer and they take the stage. On the first dance their tops stay on, but they are allowed to interact with patrons sitting on pervert row. American bush strip club utah song they strip to g-string and pasties and then no more interaction is allowed.

Following the second song the ladies do their dollar walk There were 5 girls dancing, 4 of which were damn hot. The fifth tried really hard but was too heavy for my taste.

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I came in looking to have a private dance, so I sat back and watched and waited. During the first dance I sat down at the stage and tipped her. She was very friendly, and my mind was made up. When she came around when her songs were over I asked for a private dance. Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. American Bush 5 reviews Add review. Club type: Bikini Bar. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. Related Clubs. Password Remember Me. Password Register.

American bush strip club utah

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